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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Abigail Smocked Dress

Another smocked dress! This dress has a more flirtatious feel then the 'Ashley' dress with an added ruffle at the bottom. As mentioned in the directions of the 'Ashley' dress, these dresses can be any length. Ruffles are a great way to add length and a little flare.
Follow steps 1-10 on 'Ashley' dress. To make a ruffle, measure fabric double width of the hem. Sew two pieces together if you have to, and hem one edge. Baste along undone edge. Gently pull thread to gather ruffle. Once ruffle has been gathered, pin to dress. Sew ruffle onto the dress and continue with steps 12-14. Voila, you have a new dress!

1 comment:

Charles and Ashley Bush said...

You are so J-Crew, naming your dresses :). I love it!! You could easily sell them online or in your store for at least $30 a piece. I would buy them! Love the Abigail dress too!